After Earth soundtrack is the soundtrack album containing the music of After Earth, composed by James Newton Howard.

Track listing Edit

  1. The History of Man
  2. I'm Not Advancing You
  3. Pack Your Bags
  4. Leaving Nova Prime
  5. Can You Ghost?
  6. Ship Tears Apart
  7. Kitai Finds Cypher
  8. Get Me Into the Cockpit
  9. The Mission
  10. Baboons
  11. Kitai On Earth
  12. Four Vials Remain, Sir
  13. Run To The Falls
  14. Abort Mission
  15. Bird Attack
  16. Nest Battle
  17. Safety In the Hog Hole
  18. Saved By the Bird
  19. The Tail
  20. Dad, Are You There?
  21. Leech
  22. See the Peak
  23. Run To the Volcano
  24. Somewhere To Hide
  25. Chase Through the Cave
  26. Ghosting
  27. I Wanna Work With Mom
  28. After Earth

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